Shipping & Cancellation Policy

Shipping Policies

By placing an order on, the buyer is agreeing to ship with Before You Collection x FedEx Ground for all general shipments not exceeding 200 lbs. Buyer may provide own FedEx account, UPS account, or other freight handling companies for orders exceeding 200 lbs.

Merchandise are shipped as ready or shipped in groups with similar delivery dates. Due to the volume of orders processed, we are unable to hold items.

At the time of placement, all orders are in 'Ship as Ready' status, meaning items will ship as soon as they are available to be processed and shipped. It is the buyer’s responsibility to provide cancellation dates. Before You Collection is not obligated to hold merchandise. Buyers may request certain items to ship at a specific time with a 30% deposit.

Shipping Notifications

Shipping notifications are sent by email 24-48 hours before every shipment. You can also view your order's shipping status in your account dashboard under 'Order History'.

Payment Method

We are a credit/debit card only company. We do not give terms or take checks.

By placing your order and authorizing use of the credit/debit card submitted at the time of checkout, you are acknowledging our right to process and ship your order to the address on file. You will be notified of the pending charges 1-3 days before your credit card is charged. If the credit/debit card needs to be updated or changed, it is the buyer’s responsibility to notify Before You Collection as soon as possible. If we do not receive a notification from the buyer before the merchandise is shipped, we are not obligated to refund or void the transaction.

If a credit/debit card on file declines for more than 7 days with no response from the buyer, we are obligated to release the merchandise back to the warehouse. The buyer is still responsible for any items remaining on the order.


Buyers have a 24-hour grace period after an order is placed to make any changes to pre-orders. Immediate orders cannot be cancelled once processed.

After the 24-hour period, we will accept cancellations only for the following reasons:

  1. Extreme circumstances that have affected your area of business (i.e. natural disasters, evacuations, government-mandated lockdowns, etc…)
  2. Major financial setback due to illness or legal battles
  3. Closing business

We do not take cancellations for the following reasons:

  1. Buyer “overbought”
  2. Buyer found similar/replaceable items with other vendors
  3. Buyer simply changed his or her mind about the order

Please submit your cancellation request here.

If you would like to push shipping dates to accommodate your budget during times when business is slower than usual, we are more than happy to help you plan a better time to ship your merchandise.